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Aerosol Mask

Elongated Aerosol Mask without tube, with elastic strap. Adult.

Inogen One


This product is perfect for people on the go. This makes taking a vacation easy.


Nebulizer with 7' Tubing, and Pediatric Mask

Full Face Masks


Full face masks don’t have to block your view. Give your patients a mask with a clear field of vision so they can focus on better things … like sleeping comfortably through the night for a successful titration.

Lightweight, unobtrusive design means reduced patient anxiety during titrations
Compact size has fewer parts for greater simplicity
Fewer fitting steps save training time
Built on Mirage Quattro™ platform of quality and performance
Only three sizes for minimal inventory

Pneumatically Powered


Features and Benefits:

Pneumatically powered, requires no batteries.
Dual lumen cannula provides savings of 50% from 1 to 6 LPM.
Delivers flow at the set rate throughout inspiration, regardless of inhalation length.
Provides minute volume equal to or greater than continuous flow.
Easily set with one simple, easy-to-understand control.